Brick Bars


ECKENRODE’s BRICK should be part of a balanced diet. Proper nutrition and a daily exercise program are the first steps toward leading the best life you can live.

 ECKENRODE’s BRICK can help get you there.

 I have formulated ECKENRODE’s BRICK for balanced nutrition with high-quality protein, complex carbohydrates, low sugar and natural flavors with no added preservatives for a one-of-a-kind great  taste.

 As with all aspects of life, the performance of sports and other activities during the day requires more than just one ingredient. Whether your sport of choice is body-building, running, bicycling or raising a child, ECKENRODE’s BRICK is made to provide you with the fuel you need. ECKENRODE’s BRICK supplies the body with essential protein along with a balanced group of fuel and energy sources which permit the protein to be absorbed and utilized efficiently to build strength, endurance and lean muscle mass.

Nutrition Content

Eckenrode’s BRICK

everything your body wants!


Defrost at room temperature or microwave for 10 seconds.

Manufactured at L&L Bakeries




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