James Graffenberg

James Graffenberg L.M.T., C.P.T. practices in North Bethesda/Kensington, Maryland.  He studied extensively with Aaron Mattes, world-class R.K.T., L.M.T., and developer of Active Isolated Stretching (AIS).  He worked in Aaron’s Florida clinic as well as assisted him in fifteen AIS workshops encompassing over 500 hours.  James’ work as a dedicated, expert AIS practitioner has earned him Aaron’s recognition as one of the top soft tissue rehabilitation specialists in the United States. James taught over 300 hours of AIS classes at various places including George Washington University, many massage schools, and other locations. James has also studied with:

  • Stuart Taws, British sports therapist, Soft Tissue Release (STR).
  • Zenya Wine, LMT, Russian sports therapist, Russian Neuromuscular Therapy, protocols to treat fibromyalgia
  • Ralph Stephens, LMT, Advanced Fascial Articulatory Techniques (AFAT)

James specializes in the treatment of muscular injuries, neurological conditions, and diseases, greatly reducing or eliminating pain and increasing range of motion (flexibility). He uses AIS, STR, and myofascial release as his main modalities; however, he also uses a wide variety of other gentle, non-aggressive modalities when appropriate to each condition. He has rehabilitated hundreds of patients ranging in age from 3 to 93 years and from all walks of life including politicians, artists, doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, other medical professionals, professional and amateur athletes, and musicians. Most patients resolve with the modalities James uses. He has averted many surgeries that were recommended by physicians and turned out to be unnecessary. Mr. Graffenberg has worked with many who have endured failed surgeries, and has led his patients to a much more functional, normal, pain-free condition. Several of his colleagues fondly call him “Dr. J”, perhaps due to their respect for his work and consistent reputation guiding the overwhelming majority of his patients to a higher state of well-being.



Cell: 301-466-9728 (No Texts Please)



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