Michael Herman


mike herman

Michael L. Herman

C.F.I . C.C.S

Owner and operator


I’m a serious motivator/trainer who believes  in the no gimmicks, no shortcuts approach to fitness…

Just old school hard work that gets results.
I train hard and train smart.
I’m not a bodybuilder – I’m a body shaper, and I specialize in massively reshaping bodies to be lean, sleek, athletic and toned.
Isn’t that the type of body you deserve to have?
Listen, if you’re ready to see real results – the kind that can transform your life, I don’t want you wait until tomorrow.
I want you to call me today!

Together, we’ll start your journey toward a new, happier, healthier you!


Cell: 301-252-9716

Website: www.TrainHardTrainSmart.com